Tuesday, 29 June 2010

"Everybody likes.....The Eagles"

Ok so maybe I need to change the old '100 Day' blog title but it's a New Era for ole Beesly too. Maybe a good time to revive the blog. I just saw a football match. An important one. A memorial for my friend Tommy. It was good, I mean they lost badly but it was still good and they fought well. I could get back into this, I think, the old football mularkey. Maybe supporting your local team ain't such a bad idea. They're called The Cupar Eagles by the way. Terrible link but here goes - I'll be playing for the Howie Fife Experience at a gig (of sorts) in the Golf Tavern , Cupar tomorrow night. Can't remember the last time I played in Cupar....oh wait, I can, but that was in The Corn Exchange. I can't remember the last time I played in a pub. I'm excited. Been learning to sing and play bass at the same time - Just singing on its own is hard enough. Oh, & I get to play a bit of guitar here and there but just the simple stuff. I'm really really enjoying it. Maybe if you live in the area you might like to come along. It'll be fun. We play country/Americana/Misericana...all covers. We might play The Eagles. After all, everybody likes the Eagles... Don't they?

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