Tuesday, 22 December 2009

He's Back In The Bland!

Yeah yeah I know, I've been away for a while but I'm sure nobody dropped down dead (except Vic, almost) in my absence. There's been some excitement to report. We spent the night (last Sat) in A & E, Fundee. We went to see Paranormal Activity. We've been sledging. I saw my son do his Nativity play before going to Stirling. I went to Stirling (nr Tillicoulty, nr Sterling, nr Dollar etc). We played some Bluegrass. Oh, I had to get a working bass cab in Fundee with 15 mins to spare on the day of that gig too. SDO reunion went pretty well BTW.

First up, I just want to say that Paranormal Activity was deeply over-rated. Not pants but very over-hyped like the Blair Atholl Project. The scariest moment was when some sick usherette wifey (large, wearing black-out clothes) decided it was a good idea to poke her arm round a corner and tap a lady on the shoulder to tell her her feet shouldn't be up on the seats! Oddly enough the poor wifey screamed like my cousin Peter in 1995 when he saw the T.Rex appear in Jurassic Park, i.e - very loudly. I got a fright, actually. Ok, so maybe there was some tension in the room after all.

Saw my son in his Nativity play. He was the donkey. He looked really bored. Christianity, huh?

He'll probably be a pagan or a member of a Shinto cult by the time he's 14. I can't wait.

We went sledging too. That was fun until last night when we out in the dark full of mullered wine & I practically broke my back & found the sledge broken in two at the the bottom of the hill. All gigs are off again. I blame Vickers. Oh yeah, & last week Vicky fell over a drain before we set off hitching (at midnight from Dundee!) and smashed up her face & inhaled some gravel. We got to sleep in a waiting room for a few hrs while she waited to see some bored looking specialist. At least it got us out the cold while we waited for a train at 7am.

So, yeah, music ...yeah? The music is going just great, don't you worry about that. I've done loads of ..er, bluegrass bass practice and run around buying cabinets with money what ain't mine. It's all good. I probably won't be blogging any more til just after Xmas. Bet you can hardly wait.

P.S - Captain Geeko (KC's drummist in waiting) was telling me how easy the bass was, having only 4 strings and all that so I went out and got a 23 string bass to shut his fat stupid face up. Haha


  1. Awesome!...easily your best entry yet...it has everything...drama, comedy, a love won...lost...and won again...and imagine a drummer telling a bass player that their instrument is easy to play...pfft ;)

  2. I guess part of being an 'artist' is gathering life experience - you seem to have that department covered this week! (And having heard your cousin Peter shriek, I have to tell you that I fell out when I read about your movie experience!)

    Keep up the great blog, and have a Merry Christmas!

  3. Ahhhh, it all sounds sooooo EXCITING. x Was I there? I can't remember...