Saturday, 5 December 2009

Blurghhh - No blog today, (I mean even less gubbins to report than usual) cos unfortunately we got loaded in Fundee by mistake. I took over a busted bass amp to get fixed & Vicster did some shopping & we had a coffee in Borders as it crumbled to a sales dust around us (sad). We then went for a pint which weirdly turned into 4 or 5 as we kept missing trains. Then we got off the train and accidentally fell into The Golf Tavern & got more crunk & now I've got a mahoosive headache & no 100 blog/work done. I promise I'll do a couple of hours today/tomorrow...whatever. Is it gyro day?

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  1. lol...funnily enough Dundee always seemed to have that effect on me as well...dinnae gee yersel a hard time're doing pretty damn well so far! :)