Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Day 2 Vocal Mixing - It's a Gas Gas Gas!

Ok so tonight nearly didn't happen. I was tired after a day with the kid & Weds is my telly night. I nearly cheated (GASP!)! It was disappointing as I left things too late to record with my son & then he was too tired after tea to record noises with me.(Child labour laws exist for a reason, I guess). The takes from last night were pants just as I said they might be. Not Magic Pants, no, more like MC Hammer's crab-dancing pants, i.e really bad. They sounded good...but the playing was gish. Shame. On the positive side, I put aff the goggly box (Cast Offs) & vowed to get my hour done before bed. I went back to an ancient cover of a famous (he shall remain nameless) fence guy's song.* I have tried to master/ re-master this with new non-sibilant vocals & I've never got it right. Basically I sing like a cat & my girlfriend lets me know this by going "Oooooh....Oh, oh dear.. etc". That kind of thing. So I got an old version of the song and synched up the newer vocals but kept them real real quiet. It worked! I was pretty chuffed as well cos I got it done within the hour. I think I'm starting to like this crazy idea!
Since I don't have any nice pics of me & the boy singing into mics I've put up a sinister piece of dadaist artwork for your infotainment. Tomorrow - lovely Athena prints, I promise.

* It's ok, the album won't have any illicit cheatery covers on it.

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  1. aha... but you have the excellent picture pasted cunningly onto you gimp mask er, i mean gas mask........... YOU DO NOT SING LIKE A CAT. I only went oooerrrr once and so did you >_<. I really like your voice. So. There.