Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Day One

Ok, so I am bad. I know this. It's meant to be day one of the 100 day self-improvement thing & yet I start about 10 at night and don't even sign up for it til well after nine. Doesn't bode well, you might think. Anyway I am working towards a full CD (or 3) of completed musical works so I aim to record, write or mix every day for an hour. I figure even if away from home I can still work on lyrics or record somebody with a field recorder (erm..in a field?) or borrow a guitar or what-have-you. So tonight I practiced my new tune (an instrumental thing on 5-string* acoustic guitar in an odd# tuning) while watching Gordon Ramsay getting a roasting from some thai chefs. Then I switched off the telly, converted the living room into a make-shift studio, plugged in a mic & rattled off a couple of takes of instrumental semi-improvised muzak. I should really have a structure but how do you write down chords you don't know the name of? The takes may turn out to be pants but hey - I've done my first hour!

* - why 5 strings? - oh I dunno, I'm skint and my bass fingers operate on some weird minimalist setting.

# - I haven't figured out what this is but two of the strings are kind of the same note & played open it sounds like a Captain Beefheart song I like.


  1. Good luck sir! There are times when it may not be easy...there are times when you'll wonder why you did this to yourself...but stick to your guns, get it done and it will all be worth it :)

    Looking forward to hearing the distilled essence of 100 hour Uncle B.

  2. groovy baby. you look particularly coy in picture uno.... looks like a Gaz Cobain tribute.. as Gas Cobrain. Good luck x x x x

  3. Vicster - you look like Angela (with a hard 'G' & yes, I tried to look like Gaz Cobain for you. He's got better nipples though. AwayCaboose...that you Jason?

  4. I have my cat suit in the cupboard...