Friday, 4 December 2009

Glitch Repair Man

Today I woke up and hundreds of marauding buddhist terrorists were attacking our house. They weren't really all that bad - fairly ill-disciplined & a bit sh*tey. I easily repelled them but not before they got in some well-aimed shots at my head using bags of talcum powder & MDMA.
(LOve bombs apparently) So anyway tonight I did a lot of listening. I listened to Vicster throttle some chords out of my electric guitar after forcing her to accept a lesson. She was a good pupil and afterwards showed me how I had contradicted my own teaching 14 times - a new record!
So yeah, I listened back to some tracks I've been working on & then the real work began which involved fixing a glitch on my song "Polyamory Blues". It turned out to be on the bass track...quelle surprise! It took literally minutes to fix. I felt smug - like a lazy genius. Here's some pictures of us :- (me repelling one of the Findhorn Fundamentalist Transcendentalist Mentalists & me, erm...rubbing out mistakes on my bass)#

# - It's conceptual, ok?


  1. Shoorly glitches is a good thing no? 'cos if not then I need to rethink my whole musical attack strategy...."If it ain't a glitchin yor listners be bitchin" as my grandmither used to say ;)

  2. Ach, don't worry - there's plenty of mistakes left in the playing! This was just some random scratch thing in the digital audio. I hate those if they're not part of the playing or anything to do with anything...what are they? (it didnae even show up in the audio)

  3. Hello there! I'm home-recording an album currently, as well as doing the 100 days project (not about recording! - damn, why didn't I think about that?! Two birds, one grain, etc) - so I'm enjoying your posts! Keep up the good work!